Create customized applications that fit the needs of your business

As the marketplace evolves, business needs change rapidly, making it hard to keep pace with the need for new applications—particularly in terms of volume and speed. At the same time, the expertise within your company is evolving as new skills are needed and existing people retire, making it tough to build and support new applications.

At Seascape, we provide Business Solutions Development services that help you quickly design and build applications that fit your changing business landscape. Seascape’s approach includes specific areas of focus:

Custom application analysis, development, and implementation


Expert Tools and Methodologies

Seascape’s experienced development staff provides the tools and experience to address your custom application needs so your IT staff can stay focused on their own projects. Seascape developers possess core competencies in the latest development tools, including Microsoft.Net, Java, C/C++, open source technologies, and legacy (e.g., Cobol, mainframe, RPG). With resources on-site, on-shore, and off-shore to best meet your requirements, Seascape provides a flexible delivery and pricing model to deliver the right resources affordably.

Seascape manages custom development projects with an Agile Development Process that instills collaboration with a focus on working deliverables rather than documentation; the specific methodologies and tools will be tailored for your needs and to your engagement. From a project management perspective, the success of these engagements is due to diligent use of milestone tracking and measurement. The success of Agile for custom development projects lies in the execution of the engagement in iterations to develop working software for review, testing, {link to QA and testing page} sign-off, and rollout as early as possible.

To complement these implementation services, Seascape provides four models of managed services for support of systems after they are live. These services include on-site support, remote application management services, interim staffing, and remote staffing to ensure you realize the most value from your applications.

Projects On-time, Every Time

The application development process is tailored based on your existing processes and our established project management methodology {link to project management page}. The project management discipline is a core component for ensuring project success and methodologies, such as Agile, follow Project Management Institute (PMI) guidelines. Also, many of our team members are certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs).Seascape also provides integrated risk, change, and communication management for tight oversight and control. In addition, Seascape developers utilize a Framework Toolkit that accelerates the application development process while improving quality.

Flexible Staffing Options

In addition to Custom Application development, Seascape can provide Staff Augmentation services for backfill staffing related to application development projects and for spot resource augmentation based on skills needs.